• Roman Onillon

One of the Best Hiking trail in The Cameron highland

The Trek

  • Height : 5564 feets ( 1696 meters)

  • Location : Cameron Highland (Pahang)

  • Usually it takes 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours ascent and 50 minutes descent

  • Distance : about 1.8 KM

  • GPS Coordinate : N4.47813 E101.36100

Getting there

  • From Tanah Rata town towards Tapah

  • Just after bypass the right junction to Carnation Apartment

  • You could see the signboard "Oly Apartment" on your right

  • Park your car at the Oly Apartment

  • The trail head just after the "Tan's Camellia Garden" (N4.47248 E101.37027)

Facilities and Fees

  • Toilet and Bathroom : No

  • Parking : Parking Area

  • Guide : No

  • Permit : No

Hidden Trail in the Cameron Highlands

Most of the trail in Cameron highlands are organized by a tour agency, however did you know that there is an hidden one that you can do by yourself?

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How to get to Cameron highland from Kuala-Lumpur by Bus.

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